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IBMLS Membership

Membership of your professional member organization, the Institute of Biomedical Laboratory Science-Laboratory Medicine, is your first step toward your identity as a laboratory and a health-care professional. Membership is open to those practising, in training or associated with the profession of Biomedical Laboratory Science. Membership includes the following categories:

Categories of Membership

  • Member

Registered scientists with a Biomedical Laboratory Science University degree.

  • Associate

Any person not eligible for Member class of the IBMLS, including Laboratory Technicians and non-vocationally qualified persons associated with the profession.

  • Student

Any person(s) currently enrolled in a Biomedical Laboratory Science degree programme being taught at a University.

To apply for membership please follow the link: Join the IBMLS

Membership of the IBMLS provides the following benefits:  

Join Membership – Application/Renewal

To apply for membership please click on the following link: Join the IBMLS.

Membership of the IBMLS commences on the 1st of January and finishes on the 31st December in the same year. Renewal of membership for the next year will be made available by the end of the year.

Application may be made at: Join the IBMLS (all categories of membership).

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