IBMLS Membership

Membership of your professional member organization (IBMLS) is your first step toward your identity as a laboratory and a health-care professional.  Membership is open to those practising, in training or associated with the profession of Biomedical Laboratory Science. Membership of the IBMLS provides these benefits and includes the following categories:

Full Member & CPD $125.00 per Year. Select
Non-Member CPD enrolment $125.00 per Year. Select
Full Member only $85.00 per Year. Select
Associate Member & CPD $90.00 per Year. Select
Associate Member $45.00 per Year. Select
Student $15.00 per Year.
Membership expires after 6 Years.


The category member BMLSE enrolment is for members of the IBMLS enrolling onto the BMLSE programme. Membership is valid for 1 year with a recurrent renewal of membership every year. Applicants for this category need to send a valid scan/copy of proof of membership at the IBMLS to [email protected].

The price for this membership is $75.00 per Year.

In order to check out for the category member BMLSE enrolment, please click on the following link: Join BMLSE member.