CPD Programme

The CPD programme has been developed to assist Laboratory practitioners with ongoing competence and expertise in order to practise in diagnostic medical laboratories. The programme is available to Laboratory Professionals providing recognition each year for laboratory competencies and ongoing education.

The Biomedical Laboratory Science Online Education programme provided by the IBMLS includes 30 credits of different short courses each year for continuing education of Biomedical Laboratory Professionals contributing to their professional growth.

Laboratory Scientists are required to gather approximately 100 points per year or a minimum of 300 points over a three year period. Satisfactory participation in a recertification programme such as the IBMLS CPD is required to work in diagnostic pathology. The CPD programme is an approved recertification programme available to laboratory practitioners.

To enrol in the IBMLS CPD programme please follow the link: Join the IBMLS

For the IBMLS CPD programme is each year 30 IBMLS credits of the Biomedical Laboratory Science Online Education plus at least one course from Biomedical Laboratories required. The rest of the credits can be obtained from other activities/courses.

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Further information

If you have any difficulty or any question regarding your IBMLS CPD accreditation, please contact us at: [email protected].